Civil Litigation (General)


Litigation is a main practice area at K.C. Ho & Fong. Our litigation services can be broadly divided into (a) civil litigation and (b) criminal litigation.

Civil Litigation

Over the years, our practitioners have gained very extensive experience in all areas of civil litigation, from small monetary claims to complex commercial disputes.

A large number of our civil litigation cases involves:

  • Banking;
  • Commercial disputes;
  • Administrative law and judicial review;
  • Personal injuries and employees' compensation claims.

Very few people find litigation a pleasant process to experience. We strive to minimise the stress and anxieties experienced by our clients and we endeavour to achieve the best results possible. Our practitioners offer cost-effective and pragmatic solutions to your problems. We hope to ensure that your relationship with us is a friendly and open one.

Criminal Litigation

Criminal litigation is often conducted in strenuous and difficult situations. Legal advice is often given when there is little time and in difficult conditions such as in the cells of a police station or just shortly before an appearance in court.

Our lawyers advise on all aspects of criminal litigation including white-collar crime.

At K.C. Ho & Fong, we are ready and equipped with the necessary attributes of a criminal law practice to serve you in the most difficult of times. Where personal freedom is at stake, our practitioners can give you the sound advice needed at each and every stage in the criminal litigation process.

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