Our Costs

Our legal costs are chargeable either on scale charges, agreed fees or time-engaged basis. For the latter, of course, we shall endeavour to keep the time spent to a minimum. However, the amount of time we need to conduct a case is a matter for our judgment with regard to the complexity and the difficulty of the case.

The hourly rates for our qualified staff are as follows :

Partner HK$8,000 – HK$12,000
Consultant HK$10,000 – HK$11,000
Solicitor HK$5,000 – HK$7,000
Foreign Lawyer HK$6,000
Trainee Solicitor HK$3,500
Legal Executive / Senior Legal Cherk HK$4,500
Legal Clerk HK$3,700
PRC Legal Executive RMB1,800

For more detailed hourly rates of each of our qualified lawyers and staff, please refer to News - Announcements. You will find out more about our up-to-date rates from time to time.

Alternatively, subject to the nature of your case and our agreement for certain fee proposals, we may charge for our services at an agreed cost or on scale charges basis (exclusive of all disbursements).

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