General Terms & Conditions

Whenever instructions are given by clients to us, K.C. Ho & Fong, Solicitors & Notaries, for legal services, such instructions are accepted on the basis of the general terms and conditions as set out hereinunder:-

1 - Costs on Account. Clients shall maintain with us an appropriate sum as costs on accounts. The amount of which may be adjusted from time to time. Under the usual circumstances, new clients are required to deposit with us a sum of no less than HK$5,000.00. Further costs on accounts may be required from clients as when the money so deposited have been utilitised.

2 - Interim Bills. Our general practice is to issue and send out Interim Bills every two months or whenever costs and disbursements shall have incurred up to a particular level we deem appropriate which is normally not less than HK$10,000.00. However, depending on the nature and circumstances of each case, we may shorten or lengthen the time to issue Interim Bills.

3 - Administrative Fees. We would charge clients an administrative fee for preparing Statement of Accounts and/or handling their costs on account maintained with us from time to time. Such administrative fee may be applied to set off any interest that may be accrued on costs on account maintained with us during the relevant period. The administrative fee for preparing the Statement of Accounts and/or handling thereof will normally be not less than HK$500 per report and/or handling. Interest shall only be accounted for to clients for costs on account received from clients exceeding HK$50,000.00 being kept with us not billed for more than eight weeks. Other administrative fees would be charged for any of the following events:

a) For storage of files and documents after conclusion of cases, a storage charge of HK$500.00 per annum would be charged against clients who do not retrieve those files and documents.

b) For physical retrieval of files and documents from godown already, a handling charge of no less than HK$500.00 will be levied for each retrieval exercise.

c) For photocopying, we would charge HK$3.00 for each A4 black-white copy and HK$8.00 for each colour copy of documents.

4 - Interest. For any bills issued and sent, clients shall be required to pay interest thereon the billed amount at the rate of 1% per month if such bill be outstanding for more than 3 months.

5 - Cease to Act. We may cease to act for any clients who have committed any one of the following failures :-

a) Failing to give instruction for more than 6 months; or

b) Failing to keep us with sufficient costs on account upon requests; or

c) Failing to settle our bills which have been outstanding for more than 3 months; or

d) Failing to act in the way in which we deem fit and reasonable to do so.

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