Participation to the High-level Round Table on Economic and Trade Co-operation
between Shandong Province and Hong Kong

In the morning of May 11, 2010, I accompanied Mr Junius K.Y. Ho, the Vice-President of the Law Society of Hong Kong, to participate the High-level Round Table on Economic and Trade Co-operation between Shan Dong Province and Hong Kong, organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The meeting was commenced by the welcome speech of the Governor of Shandong Province. The Governor introduced the Shandong Province and the aspirations for the opportunity with co-operation with Hong Kong. Then, there came the speeches of the industrial representatives from Hong Kong to brief on the situation of Hong Kong in their respective industrial scope. Later on, Mr Junius Ho, the President of the Mainland Legal Affairs of The Law Society of Hong Kong, addressed the meeting. Mr Ho said it was encouraging to have a state-level development zone in Shandong Yellow River. However, Mainland China is so large that two economic engines - the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta - are not sufficient. National planning and strategic development around the Yellow River coastal region are inevitable and essential. The comparative advantage of Hong Kong is its internationalism. Our Hong Kong lawyers possess not only a global view but also international high standard of legal services which are essential elements to serve and strengthen the legal services provided in our Motherland.

Mr Junius Ho also introduced the recent development of the legal profession in Hong Kong and the major areas of practices of the Hong Kong solicitors. He commented that most of our Hong Kong solicitors possess great talent. They are well equipped and are able to provide good quality and high standard professional services that surely meet the demands come from the industry itself as well as the demands from our motherland. I felt that Mr Junius Ho not only briefed us on the Hong Kong legal services from a micro perspective, he also provided a macro view to explain how our Hong Kong solicitors might serve our motherland in the future.

It is very rare to find that most of the speeches made by the Hong Kong Representatives are very sincere and frank. There is no exaggeration in words. All participants of the felt beneficial in this High-level Round Table Event. I believe further detailed discussions are necessary if Hong Kong and Shangdong industrialists were to develop future cooperation. Being a Henan lawyer, this can also provide a reference to me for the future cooperation between Hong Kong and Henan. We should study how to take place for practical cooperation, such as formation of an ‘Association’ between A Hong Kong law firm and A Henan law firm under the existing CEPA framework. These are all worthy aspects that require the two regional governments and the industrial leaders to ponder and to take action.

Co-operation is to share ideas among the participants with the purpose to achieve synergy of costs and benefits. But how to cooperate and where to begin cooperation. These are all questions that need us to discuss and study more in-depth.

Li Zonghu